is an underground collective of DJs, artists and fans that share in our passion for the power of music to bring people together and improve the lives of our community. Through active participation in organizing and promoting regular underground events throughout NYC, members of ADG have a unique opportunity to develop themselves personally and professionally as DJs and artists.

In contrast to the too-often individualistic and competitive nature of the entertainment industry, we provide each member with support in developing his or her creative outlet, while also serving as a model of respect and open collaboration for others.
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Calling on all our house DJ's to contribute for our weekly radio shows broadcastNYC DJ Meetup Group (A.D.G.) "It was deep it was soulful, it was techno, it was disco, a kaleidoscope of sounds, it was truly underground. It was an essential mix in the cloud where we could dance and sing out loud. It was New York, Ibiza and Miami all wrapped up into one. There were speakers the size of skyscrapers and the stars they flickered like strobes, and everybody loved everybody...

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